Women ☞ Reclaim Your Power & Renew Your Energy ^^ Speak Your Truth^^ w Dr Andrea Pennington & Karena Virginia

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Women Reclaim Your Power!

Description: At this pivotal time in history women are finding their courage to speak up and speak out about what has happened to them in the past and what they want for their future. There is a deeper perspective at play. Beyond words, the ability to heal, forgive and reclaim our power as women requires a full understanding of the forces at work.

Show Notes:

Dr. Andrea is joined by Karena Virginia — spiritual healer, author, empowerment guru and yogi to explore the deep energy at work in Mother Earth and women around the world as we reclaim our power. Karena brings a unique perspective as an expert in energy healing as she explains how this time brings unprecedented support for women everywhere.

Together they explore how women can gain the confidence to use their voice for good, how to heal from past wounds and how to protect yourself from the negativity of others.

Andrea and Karena invite our listeners to explore these healing themes in depth at their upcoming retreat, “Inner Bliss for Sensual Vitality” at 1440 Multiversity February 5-9, 2018.

Register here  http://pxlme.me/C0uk6HTF

Retreat Description

Sex is complex—inhibitions, poor communication, hang-ups, body image, past trauma. But you can shift your approach, increase confidence, enhance intimacy, and connect more deeply to yourself.

Join sex educator and international TEDx speaker Dr. Andrea Pennington along with healer Karena Virginia for an intensive five-day retreat exploring mindfulness meditation and its impact on the brain and the sexual response system.

Through guided mindfulness meditation, one-on-one sharing, group discussion, and journaling, you will experience how yoga and breathing exercises can increase your ability to feel and move energy through the body.

You will also learn:

• How to increase self-confidence and self-acceptance

• Trauma release techniques, including Thought Field Therapy

• Ways to create a deeper intimate connection with your beloved

• How to get out of your head and into your body to enhance sensual pleasure and greater orgasm capacity.

About our guest


Karena Virginia is an inspirational speaker and healer who brings deep spiritual mysticism to the modern world in a cozy and embracing style. Karena teaches Kundalini Yoga and spiritual practices that heal trauma and make way for greater fulfillment, happiness, and health.

Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s “Belief” team, and her passion is to bring the technology of ancient and miraculous healing to the masses as seen in her highly acclaimed yoga video, The Power of Kundalini Yoga, the popular Relax and Attract app, and her latest book, Essential Kundalini Yoga.


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