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How many times do you need to hit your head against the wall before you’ll change your approach to life? We humans crash and breakdown and whether we crumble or bounce back depends on our mindset. Tune into a conversation that will blow the lid off of your excuses and force you to believe in and invest in yourself in ways you never dreamed possible.

Psychologists call it resilience, the ability to bounce back after the storms of life subside. They say it’s like a muscle that you can build. So hardship and heartbreak don’t need to permanently keep us from achieving our dreams.

But what happens when you are the stubborn one who dares to thumb your nose at life? Taking risks and living on the edge because she didn’t feel that life was worth living was one chapter in Taz’s life story. But in this conversation with Dr. Andrea she reveals the deeper insights about how she gave up on life and how her last breakdown became her break through.

Hearing how someone else has endured stuff you would cringe at shows you the power of the human spirit. And in the words of Taz Thornton, it forces you to stop moaning and start owning. In her book, Unleash Your Awesome, Taz shows you how your choices, your mindset and accepting your innate awesomeness can combine for a potent life-enhancing cocktail. Get a copy of the book for yourself and be inspired to #UnleashYourAwesome — I dare you!

Taz Thornton

Also trained in firewalking, Taz often builds extreme empowerment into her workshops and seminars – it’s not unusual to find people having huge breakthrough moments at her events, walking safely across broken glass or breaking arrows with their bare throat. It is, perhaps, not surprising to hear people referring to her work as ‘life-changing’Taz’s latest book – Unleash Your Awesome touches on some of life’s toughest experiences with tear-inducing honesty, provides very real opportunities to learn and grow, whatever life throws at us, and encourages us to stop moaning and start owning.
Taz’s first book – Whispers From The Earth (Moon Books) – is an anthology of channelled teaching stories and is still hitting the Amazon bestsellers list in its category. She is currently working on ‘More Whispers From The Earth’, again for Moon Books, and a fourth book – Hippy Shit – has already been optioned.

Join Taz’s Inspiration Tribe – a free group on Facebook for people who want to inspire and be inspired: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheInspirationTribe to go deeper? Book for one of her #PowerHour 1-2-1 coaching sessions or attend some of her live events. Details are on her website.

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