How to REALLY Achieve Emotional Freedom w. Helene Philipsen | Liberate Your Authentic Self w. Dr Andrea Pennington

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What’s the 411 on Emotional Freedom?

Have you heard them say that “Nothing looks as good as healthy feels” ? Well, in this show we explain why that goes for your emotional life too. How living in alignment with your values and respecting your own boundaries can truly set you free from all negative patterns in life, whether you are battling food, love or your self-esteem!


Living in unhealthy emotional attachment to the ones we love can have a strong a destructive impact our lives. One that is with long-lasting consequences. Let me explain. If we go through life thinking our happiness depends on others – we have given away our power.

All of our efforts to be loved, respected and/or validated will often end in even more misery. And in this show we describe the steps to take that power back for yourself.

How healing and building self-esteem will be part of what enables you to build the life you truly dream of. 

In this gripping to-the-point conversation, Dr. Andrea and Helene Philipsen discuss the how Emotional Freedom is key to living a life of ease, joy and love. They both share personal stories and insights from having lived a life chasing other peoples approval and love. Be prepared to go on a journey of honest vulnerability with Andrea and Helene in this show leading into their stories of HOW they overcame these negative patterns and how you can too!

About Helene

Helene Philipsen is a Life Transformation Specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and a weekly columnist at America Out Loud. She works with women worldwide who are passionate about nourishing their body, mind and soul – but struggling to find the right path.

Helene’s expertise personally and professionally lies within life transformation, her core specialty being Freedom from Emotional Eating. Her educational background is in psychology, Recovery and Life Coaching. She has committed her life to helping others because she wants you to know, that living lovingly and confidently inside a healthy body – is possible for anyone.

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