You were born resilient. Even if you haven’t used your resilience muscles much to this point, you can build resilience and become more stress resistant with practice. These resources from positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness meditation will help you gain instant relief from stress or tension. Bookmark this page for guided meditations, podcasts and resources created with you in mind by Dr. Andrea Pennington. Check back often for new additions.

The Attunement Process

Rewire your brain, relax your mind,

calm your heart & revive your soul.

Free Guided Meditation Audios

Discover the stress relieving & immune boosting power of meditation and hear how to protect your brain from long term consequences of stress.

Then listen as Dr. Andrea leads your through the 5-step Attunement Meditation to create more peace and increase health & vitality.

21-day Compassion Meditation Challenge by Andrea Pennington

Practicing the Mettā or Loving Kindness meditation — also called the Compassion Meditation — can bring us peace and perspective.

This compassion practice will help you be kinder to yourself, reduce negative self talk and build resilience and self-love.


Get away for a few minutes to relax, reduce stress and anxiety or just connect with your inner wisdom.

Dr. Andrea leads your through this guided meditation to create your personal relaxation space, a safe place to enjoy tranquility – a few minutes at a time. This is an excellent meditation to listen to before doing inner child healing work.

trust soul new

Rise up to the great Being that you are called to be!       You came here to shine, to love, to share & to grow.

The time is NOW to reclaim your Soul’s creative intelligence and create a life of peace, passion and prosperity for you and all the other souls among you.

Breathing Meditations

In just 10-minutes you can create calm by focusing on your breath.

In this guided meditation, with and without background music, Dr Andrea Pennington will guide you through a breath awareness meditation.


Listen to these guided meditations to drift into a peaceful place while bringing calm to your body and brain.

From self-forgiveness to body relaxation, you can enjoy peaceful visualizations and easy listening. Narrated by Dr. Andrea Pennington.

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