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Resilience through Yoga & Meditation


Inspiring real life stories prove yoga & meditation can help you develop incredible resilience.

This inspiring set of stories from a cadre of fellow yoga and meditation enthusiasts will provide you with a privileged peek into their minds and hearts as they’ve endured life challenges.

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Dr. Andrea invites you to tune into these inspiring conversations with contributing authors to the book, Resilience through Yoga & Meditation.

Each co-author has a unique story of overcoming serious life challenges with their individual practice of yoga and meditation.

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  • Denita Austin Yogini, Author, Publisher

    Living a life that’s free of suffering from worries, stress and pain is not as hard as you might think. Actually, it all comes down to developing resilience – the ability to bounce back after the storms of life subside.

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  • Basak Gunaydin Yoga Therapy & Life Coach

    Yogic meditation can help you discover your true essence and to create pure intentions from your heart space.


  • Noelani Perry Therapeutic Yoga

    The attitude of yoga matters most when events in your life don’t happen as planned.

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  • Adi Shakti Yoga Teacher, Conscious Entrepreneur

    We must commit to taking our external lessons as tools for inner personal transformation. Bliss is an inside job


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