Relax and Feel Safe (Guided Meditation Audio) by Dr. Andrea Pennington

The purpose of this meditation is to train your brain to recreate a feeling of safety and peaceful security so that you release stress, heal and recover from the drama of everyday life.


When we are stressed, anxious or worried it can be hard to focus or function.

Nothing gets done when we are overwhelmed!

It is at these times that we need to create calm in our body and mind and contact our higher brain centers, our best self and even guides or angels.

In this guided meditation, Dr. Andrea invites you to visit a safe place, your own relaxation space, that you can return to any time you need.

Once you are calm and relaxed in your safe place, you can invite a trusted guide, teacher or loved one to join you. You can ask them for comfort, advice or just company.

This could also be a place you visit to work through ideas, solve problems or get healing. Be creative! Once you’ve trained yourself to calm your brain down, you can breathe deeply and access higher states of consciousness, your spirit guides or ancestors — even your higher self can be contacted — to help you through the tough times in life.

Before, during of after the Safe Space Meditation, I and some of my clients perform meridian tapping, like Thought Field Therapy (TFT) or Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT.) These techniques can be wonderful ways to discharge stress and provide you with the ability to add new beliefs to your subconscious mind to replace stressful or disempowering thoughts.


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