The Healing Power of QiGong – part 1

Recently I led a small group of transformational leaders through a short series of QiGong exercises while attending a conference in Prague. It is always fun for me to share my passion for the wonderful power of Qi – pronounced ‘chee’. Since many people were curious as to the origins of this magical healing practice, I’m sharing a series of blog posts to introduce you to it.

This and much more will be elaborated on in my upcoming book about mastering your own energy for longevity and ageless vitality. :-)

Qi is the vital life force energy that flows through our bodies, the air and the earth itself. Qi permeates the far stretches of the Universe and is the foundation of all vitality. Qi is the energy we manipulate through the placement of furniture in the art of feng shui. You may have heard qi referred to as prana or ki and every Eastern tradition recognizes its healing power.

One of the reasons I so love Chinese medicine and practicing acupuncture, QiGong, TaiChi is because the fundamental approach to healing is to find the cause of illness. According to Taoist philosophy and Chinese medical theory, our vital life force energy, qi, flows throughout the body to nurture and influence the wellbeing of our body and mind.

This energy may becomes blocked or stagnated – at which point dis-ease may be experienced in the body or emotions. However, we have the power to tap into the body’s energy through the use of movement, breath, applying pressure, inserting acupuncture needles and even with our thought and intention.

By bringing better flow through the body’s energy channels, known as meridians, one can heal from physical and psychological disease.

Besides being less toxic and cheaper than pharmaceuticals, harnessing the power of qi is self-empowering.

For several years I have practiced Zhineng QiGong – also known in the US as ‘Chi Lel’. This healing or medical qigong is something anyone can learn and has remarkable results. You may learn more about it by watching this short introductory video produced by Luke Chan, who has helped bring the practice to many Westerners.


You will notice a very popular portion of the video, often shared passionately by Gregg Braden in some of his lectures, where a man is ‘cured’ of bladder cancer by three skilled Zhineng QiGong practitioners in China.

Zhineng QiGong - Chi Lel video

You will see an ultrasound of the bladder on the left side of the screen frozen in time –  and the right side of the screen is the real time image of the bladder as the practitioners begin to send qi, meditate on the patient already being healed, and speaking the words ‘already done’ in Chinese. You will see the bladder tumor melt away and disappear – live – in less than three minutes!

Such is the magical power of Zhineng QiGong! You can see why I – and my patients – are fans!

For the last few years I have practiced QiGong nearly every day and I am certain it has helped in balancing my body and mind – allowing my energy to flow keeping me healthy and depression free.

There are hundreds of different ‘flavors’ of QiGong that are used for strength, fitness, health and more. Having found Zhineng useful for in person and distance healing with clients, it resonated with me. If you’re keen to learn more about the type I use, you can visit :

Or visit Luke Chan’s Chi Lel website:

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