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While vulnerability is all the rage, some people think they would be oversharing if they divulged details about their past experiences. But for coaches, healers, Lightworkers and even therapists, there is a transformation that occurs when you are brave enough to share a bit about your own journey of wellness and resilience.

In the old model of branding, we used to position ourselves as the authorities in our niche by presenting a polished, expert appearance. But in today’s world, we know better. We understand that humans are wired to connect with other humans, and so the best way to reach our tribe is to share our authentic selves, and always be human first.

I experienced the power of this first hand when I gave my first TEDx, and my most recent TEDx talk where I sang live! I was genuinely surprised by the effect of opening up about my past experience with depression and anxiety. Far from making me look weak, it showed great courage and strength to be vulnerable and honest.

Over the years my clients and patients tell me that it was the ONE THING that made them feel comfortable to open up and share even more candidly about their fears, challenges and desires.

This is the power of sharing your personal story with your audience.

Ready to try it yourself? Here are 5 simple tips to get you started sharing your personal story…

#1 Share your whole truth

Your personal story, especially the not-so-pretty parts, allows people to recognize themselves in you. When people can identify with you, they will follow you.

#2 Connect on a human level

From a neurological point of view, humans are wired to connect with each other. Let go of trying to appear perfect online – being human is way more appealing.

#3 Teach with compassion

If you preach from an elevated position you will seem untouchable. But teaching with compassion and sharing your own struggles allows others to open up.

#4 Build trust AND trust the process

Trust that sharing your flaws and not-so-pretty parts of your story will build that connection with your audience. It can feel a little exposing at first, but that openness will bring the right people to you.

#5 Feel that freedom

Apart from making you relatable as a coach, there is a huge personal benefit to sharing your story – it’s so freeing! Step into your authenticity and enjoy the feeling.

When all is said and done, it’s always best to walk your talk. So if you are a coach who encourages others to be themselves, then they need to see you doing that first. Once you start showing up as your authentic self, your tribe will start to find you, and you will feel supported by their presence. This gives you a new confidence that can only help you keep working on your visibility and growth.


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