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Interview with Kezia Luckett

Kezia Luckett is a Positive Psychologist, international best selling author, motivational speaker, and the CEO and trailblazer behind the Women of Contribution movement.

Kezia’s mission is to impact 1 billion lives worldwide, making the world a better place for women.

With her second book, The Pay it Forward Series, Notes to My Younger Self, Volume 2, Kezia and her wonderful co-authors continue to inspire women and share the words of wisdom they wish they had heard themselves at pivotal moments in their lives.

Dr. Andrea – So I’d love to start with asking you what was your motivation behind the Women of Contribution movement, and your book series too?

Kezia – The inspiration came on Boxing Day 2016. I got up early to go out for a walk. It was 5 o’clock in the morning and pouring with rain. I was going out to clear my head after Christmas Day.

I’d got about 5 minutes down the road when I started getting visions, images, voices and questions. It started coming thicker and faster, so I said okay, fair enough, I had to do something with this.

So I went home and sat in front of the computer. I started typing away like my fingers had a mind of their own. When I looked back over what I’d written, it was all about how absolutely every woman on the planet can have an impact and leave a footprint.

The book was an important part of this as so many times I have heard women say that they have nothing important to contribute. So the idea was to show that something as simple as a story could change somebody else’s life. Something that simple, and perhaps something that you didn’t want to share, can end up being a catalyst for somebody else.

Dr. Andrea – I’m a huge believer in that too. Opening up and being vulnerable lets people know firstly that they are not alone, and secondly it shows them a way through their situation.

So tell us a little about your book, The Pay it Forward Series, Notes to My Younger Self, Volume 2. It’s quite a different style and approach to a group anthology. Each of your contributors is looking back on a pivotal time of their lives when they needed some words of wisdom.

Kezia – Through my work as a Positive Psychologist, Notes to My Younger Self started to naturally evolve. This partly came from the practice of expressive writing, which can be hugely beneficial. And the other aspect was cognitive reframing. This is all about taking a negative experience or story, the meaning around it and how that affects our sense of self, and reframing it in a positive light. This releases the emotions that are tagged to these negative stories.

This isn’t about rewriting history for someone, but rather choosing a different lens to view the same situation through.

Dr. Andrea – That sounds so empowering and really transformational. I love it!  So how did these particular authors come to you for Volume 2?

Kezia – In Volume 1 the focus was on sharing the visions I’d had and the mission that came with it. So for Volume 1, amazing women started stepping forward and supporting the book. Two women from The Secret even stepped forward and offered their support.

This was amazing as with Volume 1, the concept wasn’t proven yet. But people bought into my passion for the book and what I was trying to do.  In Volume 2, people had already seen the first book and had experienced the ‘pay it forward’ aspect – they understood it.

I put a message out on social media, and literally got inundated with responses. But one of the things that has happened this book is my belief has grown that the universe (or whatever you prefer to call it) will bring in the right women at the right time.

When I look at all the women who co-authored the first book, they are all ‘book sisters’ now, supporting each other in the journey of life and entrepreneurship. So the second time around I just trusted that the right women would step forward, which they did.

It’s so beautiful to see the magic when that happens.

Dr. Andrea – It’s been a magical process for me too being able to partner with you as your publisher and help you bring it to the world.

The power I saw on social media from posts about the books all over the world was incredible. So tell us about your wish for the book – you want us to buy two copies and pay one forward, is that right?

Kezia – So the idea is you buy two copies. One is for you to treasure and enjoy, and if you want to pass it on to friends and family, that’s great too. But the second book is to pay forward. At the front of the book there is a message board page for you to write a little note – share your own words of wisdom for the next woman who picks the copy up.

Then simply put a sticky note on the front that says, “Yes, this book is for you.” Choose a spot to leave the book for another women to find it. Anywhere could work, like a supermarket, coffee shop or on a train. Where ever you feel drawn to leave it.

With the first book we had the challenge to get it around the world in 60 days. One of the authors told us that she put a copy down at a self-service till in a supermarket. As she walked away, another shopper stopped her, thinking she’d left it by mistake. She replied that no, it was for the next person to pick up.

As she said this, she saw a women head for the book and pick it up. Watching this women open the book, read the message inside, and seeing her face brighten was just magical.

This is what it’s all about. Micro moments of giving a complete and utter stranger joy. If they happen to be finding life too much that day, then they find a gift from the universe left by a complete stranger, the difference that can make is massive.

Dr. Andrea – You also have a live event in Windsor, UK, which I’m coming to join you at soon. And it’s held on International Women’s Day.

Kezia – Yes, Destined For Bigger Things is on the best day possible to celebrate women. The event is for those women who are starting to hear that inner whisper, that intuition that reminds them there is more to life. We are all more than we see at any moment in time.

It’s a day dedicated to nurturing and honoring women. We have 5 phenomenal speakers around the world, and the whole day is about stepping into your truth and power, and releasing what holds you back. Then in the evening we have the book launch party for Volume 2!

Dr. Andrea – So after this, what’s next on the horizon for you?

Kezia – We’ve already started receiving email requests from authors to be in the third book in the series! So that will be out in March 2020. I can’t quite believe we are talking that already!

This year is really about getting the message out to women all around the world. We are also planning another Destined For Bigger Things event in September, this time in LA.

The focus is to keep spreading the message globally. So far we’ve not had any authors from Asia, so I would be really honored to have some ladies that part of the world joining us. That would be wonderful.

I really want to get the message out there that we are destined for bigger things. You can make an impact just by being you. You don’t have to be anybody else. Just trust that you have amazing potential inside.

Dr. Andrea – For anyone doubting their potential right now, you have a life-mapping tool which we will link to below. Tell us about that.

Kezia – I use with my authors to plot out their lives and start to see the patterns. Our past really is the map to our future. It tells us the story of what we’ve had to go through to emerge where we are right here and now as the phenomenal women we are.

So when we look back on that map, we can really start to understand how every pivotal moment that we’ve gone though has brought us to the space that we are in right now. And of course, we can look at our purpose and our passion moving forward.

— — — — — — — –

Download the free life-mapping tool from Kezia that she uses with her Notes to My Younger Self authors. Find it here.

The Pay it Forward Series, Notes to My Younger Self, Volume 2 is already available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle.

The book launches officially on March 8th, when you can order your paperback copies, one for yourself or a friend, and one to pay forward to a stranger.

— — — — — — — –

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