Building Personal Resilience with the Omega Institute | Weekend retreat + live conversation

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💻Replay: Building Personal Resilience

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Could this pandemic be your golden opportunity to recover from burnout and set on a path of living with vitality?

Enjoy the replay of this live discussion on building resilience to bounce back from stress & burnout.
I also lead a guided meditation experience to increase self-compassion live. And you’ll hear about my upcoming WEEKEND RETREAT at Omega Institute in New York July 23-25.

Come meet me in New York for a weekend workshop!

Learn the top strategies from neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness meditation for building personal resilience.
Learn more here about my weekend workshop at Omega Institute July 23-25.

You are born resilient. This means you can rebound after a setback and even bounce forward with more strength and wisdom.

But, did you know, resilience is a capacity you can nurture and enhance?

Join Dr. Andrea Pennington, international best-selling author of The Top 10 Traits of Highly Resilient People, to learn practical steps you can take to enhance your resilience, thrive after trauma, and experience more growth than you thought possible.

According to Dr. Andrea, you can consciously choose to develop your ability to manage stress, recover from burnout, and thrive despite extreme challenges, by developing a stress-resistant personality.

Guided by examples from each of the 10 resilience traits, you learn to determine which traits you have in abundance, discover which traits are barely on your radar, and implement special practices to cultivate each of the top 10 resilience traits.

By enhancing your resilience with these potent practices, you begin to recover more quickly from loss, trauma, and illness and move forward with vitality and grace.

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