The ‘New’ Sexuality | Polyamory, Fluid Sexuality & More w/ Lucy Vittrup

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Welcome to the New Era of Sexuality

Dr. Andrea has a juicy conversation with Lucy Vittrup, sex educator and author from Denmark, who is on a mission to change the conversation around sexuality and intimacy.

Lucy truly has her finger on the pulse of today’s generation. She explains how intimate relationships, love and sexuality have evolved, and some might say they are all under threat of perversion or extinction. From polyamory to gender fluidity, rampant porn use, the lack of sex education and ‘tech sex’ it’s a crazy new world we live in.

While our host and her guest believe there is a spiritual side to sex, we must first accept the complexity of our current sexual landscape in order to navigate through it on our way to a future of more joy and less shame in our sexual relationships.

Getting past our emotional, religious and traumatic past is a necessary stop on our journey. It is critically important to have these types of open, honest  conversations, even though they may sometimes be uncomfortable.

Lucy Vittrup

Lucy Vittrup is a sex educator, speaker and author from Denmark who is on a mission to bring more connection, spirituality and joy to sexual relationships. The author of Erogy, Lucy speaks around the world to teach about how to connect mind, body and heart for deeper, more connected sexual experience.

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