NEW PODCASTS COMING! Conscious Evolution & From My Heart to Yours by Dr Andrea Pennington

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Lately I’ve been inspired to share with you, beautiful soul, in a simple way, from my heart. ❣️ So I’m launching a 2 new podcasts! The first is an unscripted sharing of the messages from my heart and downloads from the Divine called “From My Heart to Yours.”

After seeing my TEDx “Become Who You Are” and “Music Saved My Life: My Journey from Depression to Real Self Love,” many people around the world shared that you have found comfort in knowing that you are not alone in the pursuit of your life purpose. And many have asked what happened after my spiritual awakening in my near death experience. Questions came in about how I overcame my subconscious programming based on my childhood. Curiosity about whether I regret going to medical school and how I got the courage to leave a big media career and move to France. Well, I have wanted to answer the hundreds of emails and direct messages, but I couldn’t keep up! But still my heart was touched by the need that I felt to offer comfort, inspiration and support.

And so, here I am now sharing From My Heart to Yours, an unscripted podcast that allows me to open up to you, with no agenda. Just love beamed across cyberspace to you.

And my previous show, Liberate Your Authentic Self is being revamped as the Conscious Evolution Podcast. Tune in for insight & inspiration on your journey of healing, awakening & soulful success.

If you’re dying to know what it takes to liberate, love and live as your authentic self, this podcast with me will explore the cross section of neuroscience, positive psychology, and practical spirituality. We’re going deep in conversations on how to build resilience, embrace real self-love and architect an epic life


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