Are you living your best life?

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A lot of people get uncomfortable when I ask them if they are living up to their full potential. And I get why – nobody wants to feel like they aren’t.But I love the question, and it’s one I ask myself a lot.

Why? It’s a simple reminder to check in with myself and ask,
“Am I on the right path, right now?”

A lot of those blocks that stop us from doing more of what we really want to are self-imposed. They might not feel that way – for example, we may be convinced that our family needs us to show up a certain way! But sometimes, what we think others expect of us is more about the fears we are projecting.

Humans are social creatures, and we need community for survival. Nobody wants to feel like an outsider. So we respond to the fear and perceived threat of being left out of our social groups by conforming to what we think are ‘the rules’.

That’s why it takes work to step beyond those self-imposed boundaries. We have to reality-check ourselves and work through that fear if we want to live our best lives, on our terms.

Well this was a fun topic of conversation on Facebook Live and YouTube.  Watch the replay here, and if the topic speaks to you, do leave me a comment!

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