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Live with Integrity – A Life Challenge

I was recently confronted with a decision to end a working relationship after some very emotionally charged exchanges that ended up leaving a nasty taste in everyone’s mouth. When someone asked why I left, I stated that I felt there was a lack of integrity within the Board of Directors. But I was quickly reminded that this is not clear.

Integrity: honesty and having moral uprightness.

The state of being whole and undivided

To live with integrity implies bringing alignment between one’s values, actions and words. So while I was suggesting that certain people had no integrity, I was wrong. There actually was alignment between their words, actions and values. They didn’t value honesty like I do. There was a lack of coherence between what they said they would do and what actually happened. This is because they do not place a high value on following through with commitments. 

So, in the end, the decision to move my life in a different direction was based on my value on integrity.

Confused? Have a listen to this short audio to gain some insight. Then you weigh in. Are you living with integrity with your own values?

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