How to live in peace in a turbulent world

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What would happen if you decided to live your life with peace and love as your daily intentions?

My daughter and I just spent three weeks traveling, visiting friends, and working a bit on the road. This time our adventures took us to three different countries – and I’ve come back with new energy and insight that I’m so excited to share with you!

We kicked off our trip with a celebration of true love in Denmark. My dear friend, soul sister and Co-Founder of the #RealSelfLove Movement, Helene Philipsen exchanged wedding vows with her beloved David Morris (one of the co-authors of my upcoming book, Life After Trauma!)

Then we got to relax and unwind in the beauty of the Redwood forest of Scotts Valley, California at 1440, along with Co-Author of my new book Magic & Miracles, Karena Virginia for our Inner Bliss ~ Outer Glow Retreat. It was a week of transformational magic for all with somevisits by Angels!

This really got me thinking about our intentions towards peace and love. When you get even a small group of people with those same good intentions together in one place, the atmosphere is magical!

When we got to India for our last stop, we were surrounded by the spiritual virtues of peace, purity and love at the Brahma Kumaris’ headquarters. This fed my soul in so many ways. I was struck by the elegance and grace with which this female-guided organization provide so many life enhancing, earth saving projects with humility and success.

At the #AmericaMeditatingRadio retreat in India
Filming one of two documentaries with the Brahma Kumaris
Yogis having fun and looking stylish 😉
On Mount Abu, at 5000 ft above sea level, for a peaceful twilight group meditation

Have you ever been in an environment like this, where you felt safe, supported, and SO inspired?

I really think this is why these events and retreats are so transformative – it’s the people. It’s having all that good energy in one place, and knowing you can really relax and open up. So I’ve returned truly refreshed and with a renewed sense of purpose for my work!

Siena receiving toli from Dadi Janki

If I can leave you with one thing today, I would love you to think about the question I started with.

What would happen if you decided to live your life with peace and love as your daily intentions?”

What might change for you?

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