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We are all “Made by Light”, no matter how it looks. Nothing exists outside the source, the universe, the divine creation. But it is concealed in endless and very convincing ways, to say the least. Our job as Lightworkers is not to “make light” or “work Light” but to be able to FIND the light that is underneath all there is, in every human being, in every situation.

With the global challenges that we’re facing today, how do spiritual seekers become powerful, grounded Lightworkers who can raise the level of light and joy in their own lives, everywhere they go, and globally? In this interview with Halina Goldstein, spiritual mentor and lightworker living in Denmark and working globally, Dr. Andrea takes this question deep.

Together they explore their mutual commitment to helping others find their own truth, so that you never have to depend on anything or anyone outside of themselves (including gurus!)

About Halina Goldsteinwww.HalinaGold.com

Having explored various personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973, Halina has been including these in other aspects of her work, particularly music, since 1980. She has an ability to connect with other people’s energy, feelings and soul, which has, among other things, enabled her to mentor and teach experienced spiritual seekers.Her expertise includes reconnecting with love, transforming loneliness to joy, integrating personal, creative and spiritual life, flow and awakening.

Halina has published a CD with meditative improvisation: “Alive – A Love Recording”, a collection of Haiku-like contemplations: “Meditations for the Living” as well as a self-help book: “From Lonely To Home: A Workbook for finding your way.” She has written hundreds of inspirational articles, including for leading spiritual blogs such as TinyBuddha, FinerMinds and PickThe Brain.

Download her free guided meditations and subscribe for updates on being a Lightworker at www.HalinaGold.com

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You don’t have to be deeply spiritual to know that right now our world is just a little bit nuts. A little bit crazy. And each of us are really being challenged to keep our mindset towards the positive and our energy level high. So I think you’ll really be blessed by today’s conversation.

Today I am speaking with Halina Goldstein. She is a spiritual mentor and a Lightworker living in Denmark and working globally. Halina has explored various personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973. And she has been including these in other aspects of her work particularly music since 1980.

Halina has an ability to connect with other people’s energy, their feelings and their soul which has among other things enabled her to mentor and teach experienced spiritual seekers.

Halina’s expertise includes reconnecting with love, transforming loneliness to joy and integrating personal, creative and spiritual life flow and awakening

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Andrea: Well first of all, I just want to say thank you, Halina for being here with us on Liberate Your Authentic Self.

Halina: Well thank you. It’s a pleasure and honor to be here. Thank you.

Andrea: Well I have always been drawn to your energy from the first time that we met. And every time that we even meet online, you have this glow. You have a presence about you that is… at one point it’s elevating but at the same time it’s very grounding. And I just love it. So it’s an honor for me to be connected with you as well.

Halina: Well thank you.

Andrea: Well I think that one of the things I’d love to start off with is… obviously we know that you are on this mission to really empower lightworkers so that we can really learn to see, and feel, and sense the light in everything which is so beautiful and it’s quite poetic in metaphorical. But I think what would be interesting to start off with is a little bit about your life philosophy. You’ve said that your perspective on life is that it’s an adventure. It’s a dream. It’s a journey in consciousness. And for all of us as individuals and as an adventure, it’s full of experiences, challenges, victories and surprising turns which is why you’re saying, you know, we just have to see the light in everything even the things that we might consider negative or painful.

But I’d love to hear in your voice how you think this adventure starts. You have a beautiful perspective of how we leave this state of love and joy when we come into this human existence.

Halina: Yes. That is true. And you know, everything that I express comes from experience because I’ve been in situations we all have where the experience was that, what can I count on? What can I really believe? And what I found at the time was that I only could count on my own experience. So no matter how wise, you know, spiritual books I’ve read… and I have. It wasn’t enough. So I had to go back to my experience always. And that’s what I do and what I also invite others to do. So that goes for my philosophy as well.

The experience of us coming from light and from love is something that we can sense intuitively but there is also for me again an experience that came. A remembrance of the first maybe months that I had here on Earth where I remembered this field of love that was like everywhere. It was endless. And I believe that this is universal. I don’t think it was just me or it’s just me. I believe that this is the state we come in as we enter the physical dimension or the physical experience.

And the next thing that happens for just about everyone and typically within the first three years or so of our life is that it starts to shrink, that field of love. We encounter the challenges of life very early through our parents, through our circumstances. As babies, as children, as these sensitive completely open beings, we react very strongly even to minor challenges. And that builds up like shell upon shell and layer upon layer of protection. And later on of ideas, of beliefs.

So as we move into life and grow up, we move away from that source that we are and that we come from and become those complicated human beings that we become. And then for… I believe at the end of the day perhaps it’s the calling in each and every human being. The more or less conscious awareness of where we come from and the longing to come back and the countless ways in which we as humans try to come back. And some are more effective than others and some are more adequate than others, you can say.

But for some of us, it becomes a spiritual search. Somehow in different ways, I’m sure maybe we have like dynamic experiences of this other reality. Or maybe we, you know, someone tells us about something like meditation or any other spiritual practice. And so we are back on this journey of where we try to come back basically. Trying to get back to where we come from. Try to get back home.

And it’s a long journey and a challenging one. And although I a feeling that it gets shorter and shorter. In my generation it could take maybe 40 years. The next generation maybe 20, the next maybe 10 and I don’t know. Maybe next generation they’re just born with it. I don’t know. But it is a long journey and it is very challenging. And like in every adventure, it’s something that I think we can see when we look back. We can rarely see it when we are in the middle of it but when we look back in our life, then things really make sense and we can see. Right? We can see how the challenges we experience, how they made us grow and made us unfold. It enables us to move forward in the directions we wanted to.

So that’s basically it. That’s the adventures that on one hand take the slab with us and try to get back to it. And on the other hand, we check everything else that we’ve learned and partly try to get rid of it but at the same time, take with us. It’s complicated. Like I said, fantastic adventure.

Andrea: And you also believe that through this life journey, this adventure we can experience a homecoming or an awakening where we realize that essence of love that just bath of love and light that we came from never really left us.

Halina: Absolutely. I know you’ve had these experiences. I’ve had these experiences than many others. And I imagine it happens in very different ways. And I think many people have had like glimpses of it in meditation. Some had like deep experiences of meditations. In meditation, I had this experience when I was like hitting rock bottom, something similar as your story. So at a point in my life where I lost all hope and I was just lying on my floor literally and was just completely hopeless and completely giving up. Like no actively giving up but just… there was nothing I could do and I’ve tried everything. And I was very lonely at that point and in deep, deep emotional pain and in deep emptiness. And all of a sudden from one like, less than a second it’s like time you cannot measure. I was in complete bliss. Complete bliss. And it was everywhere and it was everything. There was nothing but love and light in that dream. And that lasted for a few hours and then it started to dissolve as it does. And that again took me on the next step of the journey where I was trying to get back to the healing. And I could by well but it had again… along the way it was easier and easier to get to either that feeling or something like related to it, close to it.

And I don’t remember the feeling of homecoming came in the same way but at some point along this journey, things opened up and opened up and opened up and my heart opened up. And I found that love is not something outside of me or something that I need to search but it was flowing through me. The more that kind of built up, the more I felt at home. And it was and is a feeling that on one hand is like, you know, the feeling of the spiritual home. The feeling of being at home with your soul or being so connected with your soul which you are at home. But it also, for me at least, and I don’t think it’s only for me but it also changes completely the way I relate with the world because it also becomes a home.

And before I’ve had this homecoming experiences, I felt really like a stranger in the world. I have always been in the minority, a minority expert and so alienated from other people in many ways. But as this feeling of homecoming became stronger and stronger, I noticed that I feel connected with everyone and I feel at home everywhere. And again I do not believe this is something that is special for me or as an individual. I feel this is a potential of the journey that is open for all of us.

Andrea: Wow. You know I relate to that as you know my story very well. I definitely… I don’t remember as you experienced it in those first months of life. You remember the feeling of that joy, that bliss, that love. I don’t remember that but what I do remember from a very early age is that longing you talk about. For me, it was more of a knowing than a feeling. It was like I know that I belong in a state of bliss and love and I’m not feeling that here. And so I had this experience of longing which definitely did start me on this path of spiritual seeking.

So one of the things that you’ve said is that in recognition of all of the global challenges that we’re facing, that you’re really dedicated to helping people like me, the spiritual seeker. A powerful grounded Lightworker that can raise the level of light and joy in our own lives everywhere we go and even globally. And I just love it. It’s so beautiful. It resonates with me a lot.

Can you just give us a little hint? Like in your experience, what is a lightworker?

Halina: Good question. And by the way, we help each other all of us too. It goes all the way around.

What is a lightworker? Oh, my god. As you know, there are so many definition and so many experiences of what it is. And as a matter of fact, it is a concept that I’ve been avoiding most of my life because I did not resonate with the way it was being used, for example, as it being used as, “I’m better than you. I’m a lightworker,” or, “There is darkness there but I’m the light.” So it was really… it’s just not my way. But eventually I surrendered recently to kind of redefine it and also because it’s… I have the sense that we’re having a lightworker revolution these days.

Andrea: I do too.

Halina: Oh, you do? Because this is so new to me like the lightworker revolution. But yes, it’s almost like exploding in a peaceful way. It’s spreading so much. So it is important now to use that word.

So back to the question. What is a lightworker? So to me it is someone that is connected with the energy of light. And how do you put that in words? I don’t know. But it’s connected with the light, with the soul to a degree that it affects other people. And this doesn’t have to be a conscious choice. For many of us it is obviously for people that have, you know, healers, coaches, therapists, teachers, artists. This is all from a conscious experiences and a conscious choice. But I’ve met people that in… And again, I believe that we all have that… that there really are lightworkers, they have never heard the word. They may not even define themselves as spiritual people. But the way they are with other people has that effect.

To give you an example, there was situation in my life when I was 15 where that was like a big crisis in my life, you could say, aside from the ones that came later. For this was like really, really difficult time when I was about to lose everything, you know, lose my country, lose my friends, lose everything. And I spoke at the time and I didn’t have anyone to speak with and the stranger like invited me to speak with a man.

So I went to a meeting where this man was. There was a group of people and he would just like walk around and say a few things and then he came to me and he didn’t ask me why I was there. And he didn’t, you know, ask what my problem was. He just kind of just looked at me and then he said, “You will be okay. You will be all right.” And then he went on. And that really gave me something to hold on to that lasted for years that I needed until I found out that I really would be all right. And it’s not the words because people say that to each other all the time. “Oh, you will be all right.” And it’s really many times we say it because we don’t want to feel the other person’s pain or because we just say something. There are so many reasons. But this was different. This was really like just vibrating. I didn’t know that I was sensitive to that but it affected me.

And that’s what lightworkers do, I believe. It’s not so much… It can’t be, you know, actions. It can be choices and all kinds of ways and that is important too. But to be able to in your own life and environment you are to have that connection with light so that it connects with the light in the environment, connects with the light in the other people. That’s a lightworker to me. Does that make sense?

Andrea: It does make sense. It gives me the impression of being a conduit. Like we are of the light. There’s light all around us. There’s light in everyone. And it’s not that we necessarily have to do anything but being present and being willing to connect and flow and be can have this dramatic impact even with just a few spoken words or just a look. And as you know, I always say that you’re a gift to the world so share your presence. So by being willing to be open to the possibility that light is everywhere, then we can be open to just be present. We don’t always have to be in the doing. We can just be a human being.

When we get back from the break, I’d love to dive more a little bit into this concept of a lightworker revolution. Because I agree with you, something special is going on. So we’ll pick it up there when we get back.

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Andrea: My guest today is Halina Goldstein. She has been on a spiritual journey for more than 40 years. And now, she’s committed to helping you, a spiritual seeker, a lightworker really stay connected to light even when you feel like you’re going through the darkest of times.

Halina, before we went to break we were talking about this concept of a lightworker revolution. And I do feel like there is this increased energy, this bubbling awakening. I almost don’t even want to say that because it almost sounds cliché. I’ve heard so many people say, “Oh, people are awakening across the planet.”

But now that I feel it and I see it more, I’m getting a sense of urgency. Maybe it’s because I’m an American and there’s a lot of turmoil that hasn’t ended. We talk about cycles and unfortunately I don’t know many other countries on the planet who haven’t gone through this cycle of depression, or oppression, or war, or strife. But I think we as Americans got a little comfortable. Civil Rights Movement kind of died down. Women got some rights and then it seemed like we went through a little, I don’t know, I’m only 46. But it seemed like for me, my experience of America, there was a time of peace. It was like, “Go get them. Live the American dream.” And then things really started to feel dark and look dark. I mean, I can go on and on about the wars and the racism and the recession and sexes. I mean, gosh I can go on. But I am feeling that there is an awakening happening. People who I wouldn’t have ever thought were spiritual seekers, for example. You know, I’ve been this way all my life but there are people that are just sort of like suddenly hungry for understanding of these concepts and these feelings.

So what do you think? Do you think that we’re just going through another cycle of time? Or is this a unique thing? Or is it just… I don’t know what. Tell me.

Halina: I wish I had an answer. I don’t know but I can of course share my experience. And my experience is that it’s really both. I really do believe that we go through cycles and waves. And this is how evolution happens through these waves and through these cycles. And I also, you know, sometimes I rarely remember how relative it all is when we have the life we… it is so important to us like my 62 years are like the most important in world obviously. But then when we kind of remember, there is like generation after generation after generation and, you know, the whole evolution and millions of years. And that perspective is just glimpses. Nothing more. But these glimpses and this evolution it all happens through cycles. So I believe it’s another cycle.

But on the other hand, another cycle, on the other hand there’s such a strong feeling exactly as you described of things building up. So just to give you an example. When I started on this journey, I was around 18 and I started to meditate. That was such a weird thing to do at the time. No one was talking about it. It was pretty close to being crazy. And it was just transcendental meditation. Today it’s like just that. Nothing special about it. But it was that rare and that like hidden. And then there was like another, I don’t know, maybe 20 years past and then there were more and more people talking about it.

And today, it’s like mainstream. CEOs of big companies meditate. Google has a meditation room. Apple has a meditation room. It’s everywhere.

So that’s pack up that it’s building up as an opportunity. But there is also a feeling of it, of this urgency that you’re talking about and I have like really difficulties to put it into word. And the word revolution just like came to me just a few days ago and I was like revolution or evolution? Revolution. But yet, that’s experience. So it is building up and maybe this is the kind of hopefully it’s a peaceful revolution. But it’s a revolution maybe of the way we think, the way we choose, the way we relate. The way I experienced it among other things is that…

Just to give you an example. I have neighbors that, you know, they’re just good, good people and good neighbors. And from time to time we drink coffee. And it looks like we have completely different interests and different lives. So I’ve been like keeping it for this way for years. But within the recent month, I felt it was important to know when they started asking me. “So what are you doing?” Really like express what I was doing. And it was as if they were just waiting for it. Then we start talking about their spiritual experiences and the emotional experiences that relate to it. And I’ve seen it in different contexts in that people that are just waiting to open the door. And maybe among other things our role as lightworkers is to bring it even more into the open so that they can open the door. And again not in the sense that we are saving them or something like that but in the sense that, you know, one spiritual being meeting the other spiritual being and say, “Hey! It’s time to come out of the hiding.”

So with this building up and the other aspect of it, as you mentioned before is that there is a sense of crisis, a sense of global crisis. And again, it’s kind of you know, it’s so easy not to think about it. It’s so easy to disregard it. I don’t watch news but just headlines. But it’s so easy to just stay in the comfort of the world that we live in. The 1% of humanity that we are, we live in that comfortable world and it’s so easy to disregard that there’s so much going on around climate, environment, humanity as a whole. So this building up of crisis, of conflict, of challenge and really like global level. And there’s also the building up of awareness. And that means transformation.

Andrea: It does. And I think the challenge is… You’ve said it before that once we start waking up and we realize we come from light and love and then we look at the negativity around us, the strife and the challenges keeping us, as you say, one foot in each world. What do you recommend for us lightworkers? How do we deal with this challenge of all the negativity?

Halina: Yes, it is a challenge because we’re very human right? So as human beings, we are used to react in polarity. So when we experience negativity, we want to fight it. This became very clear to me when Donald Trump came into power and there were many people reacting very strongly against it for all kinds of good reasons. What I notice is that people that, you know, healers, coaches, people that have deep awareness. They’re almost losing themselves, in my experience. This is subject to experience. I totally realize that. But in my experience, they are almost losing themselves in fury, in powerlessness, in fear. And I saw that tendency with me as well. The all rebel in me that want to fight against it which has like really created a double negativity.

Andrea: Right.

Halina: So fortunately I didn’t and realized that this is an invitation to really stay centered. So that is my suggestion and my invitation to be open to whatever is going on around us. To take whatever action we need to take to feel whatever we need to feel including the fury, or anger, or fear or frustration. And at the same time stay connected with the light. Really build that connection. Make it stronger and stronger so that you are in that connection with light. You are in connection with the ground and you are centered so that you can rather than like thrown and bounced around by these strong emotions and reactions and thoughts. And you can embrace them or we can embrace them and we can stay in that lightworker position. So stay shining light and stay just keeping a balance. Not necessarily this, you know… Balance is a defining word because it’s not that balance between light and dark or positive and negative to me but more like being that centered place and keeping, you know…

I have this picture of… Maybe that’s the revolution too, this picture of earth and the being more and more light work that connect with each other as well. And so create like an aura or belt of light around it also that whatever needs to happen can happen in terms of reactions and revolution in other ways. But that light is still there to protect to process, to balance the process and also to make it a bit milder perhaps. To affect the process so it’s not as baseless as it can become which I’m not saying in order to create fear because I’m not into that at all. But it is a big challenge.

Andrea: Well one of the ways that you advocated, help us stay grounded and connected is through meditation. And I recently listened to your beautiful guided meditation that you have generously provided for us called, Finding Light Everywhere.

So can you talk to me a little bit about this? The concept. Because obviously we get it. Okay, we’re made of light. Light is everywhere. But how do you practically stay connected? Is it through this type of a meditation process that we gently, gently, slowly, slowly start to recognize? We develop a different sight of sense for the light or… What practical means do you have for us to do that?

Halina: Well that definitely is that this is something with development. But like in general, I really believe that we all have our own connection. And in that sense I’m not able to say no to this. Or I’m not that type of a teacher that would say, “Do this, this, and this and then you will connect with light.” It is always a journey within. And because we have had those experiences of light, it’s really a search again.

So yes, meditation can help to like get into a state where there’s enough peace around you and enough openness and the willingness to see and to experience that deepest connection within you.

And then it’s a practice. It’s about getting back to it again and again and again. That is part of it. And how it happens is really individual. So some people, you know, maybe use affirmations or thoughts. And other people will use feelings and for other people, it’s going to be a physical connection. There’s a certain physical sense that, “Ah, I’m there.”

So I cannot say it in general but I invite everyone to meditate and hopefully this meditation can be helpful as a start. But it’s really about noticing where is that connection with me? And then ground yourself. That is so important. The more we’re grounded, the more light can flow in. it cannot flow in when we’re not grounded.

But as we notice, then again practice it in our own way and let it unfold. I’m sorry I cannot provide something more concrete but it is a search too. It is a search too.

Andrea: What do you mean by grounding? Obviously a lot of the nature people that I connect with, when they say grounding they mean literally go out in nature. Take off your shoes and your socks and get grounded. Feel Mother Earth. Get that exchange of these ions. Is that what you mean by grounding? Or what are you talking about?

Halina: Partly. Another aspect of grounding for me is to develop a very intimate relationship with our bodies. This is and has been a challenge for many people on a spiritual journey is that there’s more of a conscious experience of conflict between being spiritual and being physical. In reality as I see, there’s no conflict at all. But that’s the experience that it is so different. That there is a fear of losing the light if you go really deep into the physical. And also experiences of cutting up which it turns out really is the body but that’s a different story. Thoughts that cut us off the light and not our bodies.

And as always, I am speaking from my own experience. I’ve had to some degree a distant relationship with my body most of my life. And what I notice is that as I come back to my body and we’ve all have had a very close relationship with our bodies as children. And then as grownups, there are like some areas of life where we come back to our body and then we move ourselves.

What I notice is that as I like come back to my body, in every aspect of it, the light flows in. so it’s like muscle meets light. And there are different ways to meet. It has been massage. It has been again meditation but like on my body, it has also been just doing playing, you know, dancing, running, walking, whatever works for one. But coming back to the intimate experience of being one with your body and then being one with your light at the same time. That’s the magic as far as I can see.

Andrea: And that’s beautiful. That’s a beautiful analogy of magic. The magic of recognizing you are connected.

Well when we come back from the break, I’d love to explore a little bit more of how your vision for us as lightworkers and joykeepers on our path right now. Because I know that you’re really motivated to build a network of lightworkers.

So when we get back from the break, we’ll pick it up there.

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Andrea: We all have busy lives. There’s so much going on in our own personal experience and certainly in the world around us.

So today we’re talking about how you can stay grounded, connected to your body and connected to other people. The best in other people. The love and the light that is there if you’ll just take time to notice it.

So my guest today is Halina Goldstein. She is a lightworker and a joykeeper. And Halina, when I heard you talking about these different experiences of grounding, whether that’s through dance or play or meditation, it reminded me of a conversation I had with someone who was saying, “Oh, meditation is supposed to be all spiritual. Now everybody’s hijacked mindfulness. Now they’re doing it for stress reduction and changing their heart.”

And I kind of chuckled like, “Why is that a bad thing?” Because as you were talking about how disconnected you felt many times from your own body. I’ve seen just in my previous life as a medical doctor, I’ve seen the exact same thing. People are so disconnected from their physical body. They stayed in their mind if they were the busy entrepreneur type or the obsessive type. Or they stayed in their work or many moms focus on their kids. And so their physical body was just kind of following along or getting things done but not with that consciousness and that attention.

And so when we introduced mindfulness and meditation into our treatment programs for addiction, for eating disorders, for all sorts of pain problems. The thing that I heard was, “Oh, my gosh. I’ve always been avoiding feeling my body and that’s why I would numb myself or distract myself with food, or with shopping, or with drugs, or focusing on relationships whether that was kids or intimate relationships.

And so when people say mindfulness and meditation is supposed to be spiritual, I’m like, “Yes and guess what? If you don’t get back connected to this body that is the vehicle for your spirit, you’re not going to be able to get on to a spiritual path.” And I find that through meditation and even if it is yoga or gardening… I love people who say that when they’re gardening, it becomes a spiritual experience. They feel connected in their body. They feel connected in the earth. And they get that same sort of experience that I get in meditation or chanting. They can get it through action. So I love that you’re talking about this as a grounding practice. And it is part of the spiritual journey. And if it does help you lower your blood pressure and lower your stress hormones, that’s important because we need this physical body to get us through our spiritual adventure, right?

Halina: Right. And also you know, I think it’s… I agree with you completely. Not the first time. But yes, I mean it’s a blessing that these things are coming and becoming available for everyone. How can that ever be bad? That said, I also recognize that there is, you know, we’re all different. And there’s something that’s called expertise and there’s something that’s called a deeper need. So the analogy that comes to mind right now is singing. So some people are professional singers like you are. And some people just sing, right? They welcome the beat. So you’re saying, are they hijacking song? No.

Andrea: Right.

Halina: They’re expressing themselves in whatever way is right. And obviously I don’t think that being a spiritual and have an expertise in spirituality is any better than having an expertise in dancing, or in writing, or in building computers. It’s an expertise. It’s an area of life where we decide to go really deep because we had the reasons to. But that doesn’t mean that we own it. I know there are many forms of meditation today that I just don’t do because it doesn’t work for me anymore. I only do silent meditation now because that’s the only thing that works for me now. But whatever works for anyone, do it. Do it.

Andrea: Yes. And I love that you say that even as a mentor, you don’t want people relying solely on you. It’s about finding your own path and your own truth. Because once you’re connected to it, but I love how you said it for yourself that you just felt like you were coming home. And it wasn’t that you had to follow any guru or any prescribed process or path although that’s part of the journey that we all explore, right? But then you get to this point of your own knowing, your own experience that you don’t have to push on anyone. You just live it.

And I also love the expression of joykeepers. I’ve asked you about this many times before because for one thing it brought me joy to even hear you saying it and seeing it written. I was like, yeah. The joykeepers, we need them. I almost figure that they’re kind of a special category. They’re the ones over there that, you know, for those of us that do get into rebel mode and I’m really trying to embrace the #peacefulrebellion. One of my dear new friends, Helen Rabello. But there are times when I realize, I’m glad that there are some joykeepers in the world because if I get my activist role, I need to be able to look to a joykeeper that’s like, “You know what, Andrea? There’s joy.” Despite all the strife, there’s joy.

So why do you use this expression joykeeper?

Halina: Well maybe because I’ve really been a rebel big time. I’ve been so angry. I’ve been such a fighter for decades. I know all about it. This is also why the world revolution makes me a little bit uncomfortable.

Andrea: Yes, because maybe you’re afraid you’re going to reignite that part of it.

Halina: Right. But you know, and I’m not kind of stopping that. But the word joykeeper, it came to me… Well I sometimes like to say two things at a time. Do you get that feeling?

Andrea: Oh, yes.

Halina: So what it is, the expression itself is that I feel that… No, I know that perhaps the most distinct feeling that goes along with the soul or with light is joy. And I don’t mean like happiness when something good happens to you but this universal joy that is there like always. It’s a vibration. It’s a feeling. It’s a peaceful thing.

And so it is a reminder that as lightworkers, we are joykeepers. And I’m not so sure that we are like a special department. But I do believe that as lightworkers, we are joykeepers because by connecting with light we also keep the joy. That’s part of it.

The other part of it and that kind relates to what you said before about the activist and the rebellion is that there are many people, and I have been one of them for years, so there’s no judgment there for sure, that experience that are like very serious about spirituality. And it really has something to do in my experience with an inner conflict in issues that haven’t been quite resolved. But as a result, there is this experience of using spirituality to fight something else either within oneself or with the world. And I really believe that. And I’m subjective in there because on one hand I invite any kind of lightworker. It’s all good. And on the other hand, I have this preference.

So my preference is to really go so deep into the connection with the light that it becomes a lightness within oneself. I do believe that a lightworker is… I do not believe being a lightworker is a heavy duty. We’re not soldiers. We’re not pushing against a solid wall. It might look like it. But we’re basically connecting with light and with joy. And we’re radiating it. That’s the job. That’s all there is to it. To stay centered, to be like an antenna that connects with that light and then radiate it. That’s all there is to it as far as I’m concerned. And that brings light and that brings joy. It’s a light kind of job to be a joykeeper.

Andrea: Yes, I love it. It’s not a heavy duty. It’s not a heavy burden. And we don’t have to get so serious when we become spiritual.

So tell me about your vision for creating this network of lightworkers.

Halina: Yes, that is a good question because it’s work in progress. And I have been very true to the process. So I have not tried, unlike earlier projects I’ve had, I have not tried in any way to  plan it upfront, to figure out where it’s going to go or how it’s going to get there. I’m really taking it step by step.

So in terms of the network, I do not know much yet which is natural because I’m just starting to building this. I imagine and envision that a connection, and I know and we all know how different it is to meditate for example in a group. And that can be a physical group. It can be across the world. How powerful it is to do it together and how that builds up energy and enhances everything we do. So it’s obvious to me that it makes sense to create the network where we can do things like that together.

And I imagine that as a diverse network, so I may have my preference for joykeeping and lightness and stuff like that. But I would really want that to be connected with people that have different experiences or different approaches because I really feel it’s needed. It’s needed and it’s important. And it’s possible.

So that’s like part of it. And then there is an aspect that I’ve been downloading as we say nowadays. Some teachings which I call The Lightworker Manual. So it came as a surprise to me completely. And I’m still working on it so I’m like moving through it myself. But I imagine that in my little corner of the world, I will be sharing these teachings perhaps individually only in the beginning and then later in groups again to support lightworkers in doing this light work and being able to surrender to it.

Andrea: So that is what is to come. This network and possibly taking us through this lightworker manual. And what’s available today so people can work with you one-on-one in a mentoring relationship?

Halina: Yes, that’s what’s available. So at this point, I have this like sort of like a chunk of this lightworker program that I call Empowerment Sessions. And this is like a program with six one-on-one sessions. And this was motivated by something we’re talking about before namely how to relate to the negativities around us. Because as I discovered and really noticed in lightworker forums, negativity seems to be the number one challenge for lightworkers. It’s because we are sensitive, because we are empaths, we are easily overwhelmed by negativity and have strong reactions to it. And that prevents us from doing the light work.

So I felt and was guided to start with that like specific work. And again because I believe it’s individual, how we can step into the kind of empowerment that allows us to meet the negativity without getting overwhelmed, to start in the light. So I’ve created this Empowerment Sessions program. And that eventually, it will expand into the entire manual.

Andrea: Excellent. Well for those of you who would love to get some empowering insight, inspiration in a mentoring capacity, then www.helenagold.com. And also you can download the beautiful guided meditation that she prepared, Finding Light Everywhere. Also visit www.helenagold.com.

Well Helena, thank you so much for being with us, for sharing your light and reminding us that we are all made of light. That no matter how things look, everything is divine. It comes from the source. And when we can reconnect to that, we can spread that light and that joy everywhere. Thank you.

Halina: Thank you, Andrea. And thank you for all the work you’re doing in bringing the best out in all of us. Thank you. Thanks to everyone who listens.

Andrea: Yes. Well my dear friends, it is always a joy to connect with you. I will remind you that you are a gift to the world so share your presence with passion. And until next time, may you be free from suffering. May you be truly well in body, mind and heart and may you know true happiness. Much love. Bye.

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