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If you’ve ever tried to go after a goal or change a habit then you probably know it takes a lot of effort and energy. So what happens when you’re doing everything ‘right’ even tapping into tricks from the Law of Attraction but you just don’t get anywhere? It’s time to understand the 3 types of energy flow so you can adjust your alignment and go after your dreams.

Whether it’s starting a successful business, launching a new product, writing a book or raising a healthy child, we all have dreams of doing something great. And when it comes time to put together a plan — and stick to it! — we need all the help we can get.

To help you create the flow needed to get healthy, wealthy and truly happy, Dr. Andrea sat down with Yvette Taylor, Founder of the Energy Alignment Method to demystify the Law of Attraction and to teach you how to bring more flow to your life.

Yvette Taylor

Yvette Taylor is the creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method, the worlds fastest personal transformation and law of attraction method. She is a multi award winning transformational life and business coach, inspirational speaker, mentor and change maker.

Her biggest mission in life is to inspire people from all walks of life that they have the power to change anything they see. Her mantra is “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it’s ALL about who you are being right now”. She is living her mission by working directly with powerful change makers, spiritual entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches and mentors create the personal transformation, in order to share their work and positively impact the world.

Yvette doesn’t take herself too seriously, with lots of fun, laughter and honesty in everything she does. She isn’t afraid to share the rough and the smooth of changing your life, her story and journey from a life abuse, drink, drugs and drum and bass.


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