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As I write this, I’m in Alicante for the European Transformational Teachers gathering. I’ve been coming to this for years and it’s honestly one of my favorite annual events.

Why? Well when you have a large number of spiritual, happy, positive Lightworkers and teachers in the same physical space, as I’ve said before, the vibes get pretty big!

As well as being a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people, it’s also a time when many old friends and colleagues from our extended Lightworker network all catch up.

I’ve been watching some of my own tribe, from my Global Luminary Academy and other training groups, stepping up onto the ETTG stage and feeling such pride. They have all come such a long way!

If you’ve been reading my content long enough, then you might remember this old post of mine on Thrive Global – this is from 2017, can you believe it?

I wrote this post when I was first getting to know Solvéig Pórarinsdóttir, one of my Global Luminary Academy superstar students. It was only a few weeks ago I was prepping her for her first TEDx talk, and sitting stageside with her in Peterborough.

It’s amazing how far we can come in a short space of time when we are speaking from our heart and following our true passion. It really takes the ‘work’ our of our career, making it more of a journey, and something that we leap out of bed for each day.

Being in a network of like-minded people makes a huge difference to how we progress too.

Often, starting out on our Lightwork journey can feel lonely, as perhaps our friends and family don’t always understand our passion.

This is why events like ETTG are amazing for nurturing our community and keeping us feeling connected, supported, and not alone in our work.

Helle Mai Nielsen has been in my world for YEARS and it’s great to see her bloom now that’s she’s feeling ready.  My challenge is often that as a visionary I can SEE the brilliance of the message and the soul of the messenger.

So I often get frustrated wanting my students to go global, but of course, it has to be their move. Helle Mai made that move today, got on stage and BLEW US AWAY! I am so proud of her. She was radiant!

So was Malin Hedlund. She’s been with us for one year now since sharing in our book, Magic and Miracles, and she absolutely rocked that stage! She was confident, glowing and sharing so powerfully it made me smile with pride.

I had been working with her on her presentation, and on the day she made it look so effortless and authentic! This is one of the best parts of my job – getting to witness the hard work of my tribe paying off for them.

The growth, expansion and growing confidence that comes from being on this journey — it’s really something to witness. With the right network and support you can go so much further than you dared to dream.

Today I really just wanted to share a bit of the magic from this week with you.

Come over to social and take a look at the Facebook photo album here from my recent Global Luminary adventures, or see more on my Instagram account here.

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