How to Develop a Stress Resistant Personality – 10 Traits of Highly Resilient People

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Resilience is the key to weathering the storms of life – as well as dealing with our own flaws and shortcomings. I recently shared in a TEDx presentation that the key to remaining productive and happy in the face of life’s challenge is to develop a ‘stress resistant personality.’


You can become a master of your brain to help build resilience to ensure that you bounce back faster and stronger after stressful events. Resilience even promises a speedy recovery after an illness or setback.

The challenge is that there are often negative mental states and behaviors that hijack our brain’s rest and recovery system. These ‘villains of negativity’ perpetuate stress and chaos, rob us of vitality and leave us feeling helpless and vulnerable.

Luckily, we can beat the villains of negativity, lower our stress level within moments and over time strengthen our capacity to improve our wellbeing.

Decades of resilience research says it is possible for you and me to create positive mental traits which build resilience and positivity.

The good news is that all of these are can be learned! Here’s how you can reduce stress, build resilience and become more productive in life with my top 10 traits of the stress-resistant personality.

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