Go Beyond Positive Thinking for EPIC Success in Love, Life & Business | Anders Haglund Interview (Video + Podcast)

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What REALLY drives your success? Join Anders Haglund and Andrea Pennington for a unique conversation taking you behind the theories and superstitions of peak performance and success. Gain a deeper understanding of how to harness the power of your mind to achieve greater levels of happiness and personal fulfillment. This understanding will give you a basis to raise your game across the board in any field.


Best of all, it will highlight the simplicity of that wonderful feeling of happiness, satisfaction and well-being that we are all really looking for and link it to performance. In short: Performance in your business and satisfaction in your life has never looked so good…

Anders says, ”One genuine insight is all you need to take both your success and experience of life to a whole new level…”

Key insights learned in this interview:
* You are living in the experience of your thinking and not in the experience of your circumstances.
* You have to understand better to do better.
* You are never more than a thought away from your innate well-being and wisdom.

Anders sheds light on how to look inward and listen to your own wisdom. And gives tips to help you understand that the intellect screams, but the heart whispers. The quiet whisper behind your thinking will always be helpful.

You can sign up for Anders’ free coaching letter at www.lifevision.se
Learn more about Dr. Andrea Pennington and her online life coaching for increased confidence, self-love and life mastery at www.AndreaPennington.com

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