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How many books will you publish or contribute to this year? Are you ready to bring your message to a wider audience by self-publishing or getting a book deal?

What does it take to self-publish? If I go with a traditional publisher or boutique agency do I give up all control?

These are the questions I get about publishing nearly every day. So, several weeks ago I hosted a lively panel discussion with several authors who had so much to share about their journeys — both in traditional and self-publishing. If you missed it, or didn’t see the bonus interview I did with an indie author & publisher watch them here.

Based on the questions I received after that live session, and after seeing me launch two books in record time (Time to Rise and my new book I Love You, Me!)we’ve received more book proposals and requests for mentoring than we could handle!

I wanted to share some insight into the types of books we publish at Make Your Mark Global and to show you the various steps every book will go through so that you could decide whether you want to work with me or go it alone or go after a book deal.

So while traveling with the family in the US, I recorded a short series of videos where I explain how I got into publishing with my first 6-figure book deal, why I waited YEARS to publish another book, and why I’m now unstoppable — cranking out multiple books each year for myself and authors around the world. I want you to experience the same joy!

The Publishing Essentials Mini-Series

This new free series of videos will answer many of the questions you have about publishing and give you concrete next steps to take on your journey. Watch it here.

The reality is that you can bring a book to the global marketplace in record time now, and with low costs, thanks to technology. The digital publishing and distribution options, from Amazon, Lulu, CreateSpace, IngramSpark and more, will allow you to reach people around the world in the blink of an eye.

Becoming a published author certainly raises your credibility as an expert, and distinguishes you from all of the other coaches, mentors and healers around. And if you have a message or methodology that you believe can change lives, then you must spread the word! The world needs your voice and your message.

So please check out these short videos to learn the various steps of publishing a book and getting it into the hands of thousands — or millions —  and let me know if you have more questions.

You’ll also learn the exact criteria we use to determine which books we publish at Make Your Mark Global.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and any questions you have about getting your next book out to the world after you watch the free Publishing Essentials Mini Series.

And if you missed the Panel Discussion — you can check it out too!

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