Why forgiveness can hurt sometimes (Live Video) | #RealSelfLove w. Dr Andrea Pennington

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When forgiveness backfires how do you cope?

Sometimes people cheat us or deliberately try to harm us. As spiritual practitioners we are encouraged to forgive, and turn the other cheek.

But Game Theory suggests that sometimes this is the worst thing we can do! So I wanted to explore this question: Is it possible that the practice of tolerance or forgiveness could actually be the cause for your downfall?

In this live video I discussed the popular online simulation called Game of Trust. It explores the mathematical model of conflict & cooperation which proves that, in some circumstances, forgiving those who cheat us can actually hurt us.

I also explore how this plays out in real life and then offer a Forgiveness Meditation you may find helpful for your own peace of mind and wellbeing. 🙏🏾
This is particularly helpful as you come to understand how the current political, social and financial landscape as well as our family dynamic can impact whether and when we should forgive others.

You can listen to a guided audio version of the Forgiveness Meditation and access several others by joining the #RealSelfLove Movement here.

Image Credits: In Her Image Photography & ArtBiro Network

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