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What drives success, growth and expansion? ☞ Energy & Vision!

In this episode of The Enlightened Life, Dr. Andrea Pennington shares how her ‘dream vision’ of working for Discovery Channel became the nudge into her search for a way to live her ‘true purpose.’


This episode explains a lot of Andrea’s backstory, the cure for Imposter Syndrome and why she goes on rants! (lol) and why she is so committed to YOU! 💕❤️☯️😘

➤ Andrea answers a fan question about why she appears so confident & relaxed on stage (while being so vulnerable!)
➤ She explains how her ‘dark night of the soul’ led to her spiritual awakening
➤ Andrea thanks her friend, Bea Benkova from the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women for allowing her to step into a new level of powerful self-expression 💜

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Hey there, it’s Andrea Pennington and you’re watching The Enlightened Life.

Today I want to explore two things – energy & vision.

Energy, your overall vitality, your motivation your drive, your passion your soul’s fire.
And where is that energy leading you? Where is your internal passion nudging, tugging or downright pushing you to go next in life?

Do you have a bold vision you’re living into — evolving yourself to be that higher expression of your potential?

Are you open to following your energetic nudge to express that vision, or suppressing it?

Are you feeling fulfilled by your internal energy and fire, or are you frustrated?

This video is in response to someone who saw me speak recently and they asked, How is that you’re so natural, at ease and confident on stage? You’re sharing so vulnerably and with such openness, how do you do it?

You seem so natural that I wonder if you’ve been this way all of your life

Well I wasn’t always this way — I was much more rehearsed, staged and perfectionistic. You know why? Because I suffered from what many of my clients suffer from — and that is Imposter Syndrome. I never felt that I was good enough, smart enough or mature enough. So I overcompensated and I compromised and I conformed to what I thought others wanted from me.

And guess what, despite the money, the fame and the sexy sports car, I was miserable. And I had my own awakening, my nudge from my soul to enter this path toward enlightenment and I broke free. But it wasn’t simple or easy because the cause or initiation of imposter syndrome, well it starts in childhood.

Being a copy cat, conforming, not expressing the real you is something we learn, we practice and some of us even perfect it.

You see Imposter Syndrome is that pervasive dread and fear you have that someone will discover that you’re a fraud, you’re a fake, you don’t really know what you’re talking about, and you’re definitely not qualified or worthy of your position or title.

Do you know that feeling? Or do you know anyone who

  • can’t accept a compliment
  • feels like a fraud or a fake
  • never feels good enough
  • just can’t even see why they are so beautiful, perfect and complete just as they are —

If you know anyone like that, please share this video with them, Go ahead. do it now. I’ll wait.

I will explain the cure for imposter syndrome and I’ll share tips on how you can liberate and love your authentic self so you, too, can feel free, live life in flow and experience true fulfillment because you’re living life on your own terms, according to your own energy and motivation and you’re stepping into a higher expression of your potential by creating a bold vision for life.

1. Do you feel there is something inside of you, a message, a dream, a passion just bubbling, tingling and longing to get out?

2. Do you believe that your ideas, your coaching process or method could change lives?

3. Do you want to connect with more people, on a deep level, to share and contribute in a way that feels meaningful.

Then that’s what you need to be pursuing right now.

I’ve met a few of you who told me that you want to launch your podcast, publish a book or host a TV show so you can share your knowledge with a global audience. 

I can feel your passion. And I can literally imagine hearing your voice broadcast all over the world, I am so moved that I can feel the vibration of your power, your sincerity and your dedication to be of true service.

You have already inspired me!

And I’m so grateful for that — Because right now, the world needs you. We need you to step up and play a bigger game in life. We need you to express your own version of genius to help others live better lives.

There has never been a better time to launch an expert coaching business or start that community program or write your book.

Today, the world is crying out for new leaders, problem solvers, and innovators who can restore peace, wellbeing and hope to us all.

Do you sense that, too?

You have to if you’re watching me now. I believe you have the power to transform health, wealth and happiness by embracing your unique talents, abilities and the gift of your presence — just by being who you are naturally.

Being your authentic self is naturally magnetic, hugely profitable and the most sustainable model for your success and happiness in life.

You have an important role to play in the awakening that’s happening across the world. In your own way, you can have an impact locally, globally.

I work with healers, coaches & lightworkers who are on the path to becoming a global luminary, a shining star who’s light is seen and who’s warmth is felt by millions around the world. And you can do that too, in your own unique way, right where you are.

Based on your natural strengths, authenticity.

You will notice that I continually stress authenticity and integrity — these are two of my most treasured personal values — from what I’ve seen in my 20-year career in global media representing luxury brands, they are essential ingredients for fulfilling, long-lasting and profitable success.

The good news is: you already have everything you need to succeed, right here inside of you.

If you’ve experienced that inner turmoil I talked about, where your energy is a bit tweaked, your mind and heart are telling you that you need to grow, evolve move or start on a new course in life. That’s the ‘Call’.

So I want you to play with me for a moment,


The vision: imagine yourself fully expressing your gifts and talents, with the greatest ease, flow and joy. See yourself helping others, being rewarded for your contribution to their lives, living abundantly and feeling fulfilled.

What if you took that vision and moved forward a bit, how much higher could you go? What else would you add to that vision which implies you’e stretched, grown or evolved into an even bolder, stronger vision of YOU?

If you know the story of Beyoncé & Sasha Fierce then you know that:

“Your vision creates the blueprint, and sets the stage for how you’ll show up in the world. “

And it’s ok to create a stretch vision, that is to imagine yourself beyond where you are currently, imagine the YOU that you desire to become, expressing yourself in the way that you are destined to…

So let’s keep that vision in mind throughout the rest of this presentation, ok? Does that inspire you? GREAT!

I’m so glad to hear that! Because since coming from the US to Europe almost 7 years ago, I noticed a lot of people mimicking American superstars, creating copycat brands. And it just looked plain wrong.

And watching over the last few years, most of those copycats have disappeared. Now I saw that in America, too. And I experienced it personally myself.

My brand, or persona was built just after I was hired by Discovery Communications as their Medical Director in 2000. You’ve seen documentaries on Discovery Channel? They’re Awesome, right?

It was a dream come true for me! Like literally.

During my residency training at Georgetown University Hospital, I would drive down the street seeing the huge globe – the physical globe – the logo for Discovery Channel. While driving to and from the hospital I said to myself, ‘How great would it be to work for Discovery” It’s crazy that I manifested it just a year and half later!

You see, I wasn’t totally happy working in a hospital. The long hours, the bureaucracy and the depressing reality of how the American sick-care system was designed. Don’t get me started on the pharmaceutical industry –

I took a year off from clinical practice and joined an internet start up company which set my entrepreneurial passion on fire! While attending a medical expo walking through the exhibit hall, once again, I saw the Discovery globe.

I’m like, What are they doing here?”

I met this woman, Kristy, who said they had just launched a health network. She saw my badge, asked what I did . I told her. She said they were looking for a medical director.

That weekend I sent her my CV, and Monday she called me saying the President of the network wanted to fly me in for an interview.

Two weeks later, I had a job offer.

I thought I’d be on TV — which would be so cool since I had grown up doing radio and TV skits, I had performed in professional and community theatre, and at University, I was the general manager of our campus TV station.

But no. The head of programming said I looked like I was too young to be a doctor. So my requests to host shows was denied.

So for the first year at Discovery I supervised scripts, wrote content, recruited doctors for our medical board and began the creation of our website content. But, as luck would have it, we had a new president who took over the network and he said he had plans for me.

Quickly I was given a new role as Spokesperson for the network, I got my own show, and began anchoring the health newsbreaks.

AND, they hired a makeup artist to make me look older, styled my clothes to be mature and newsy, and I worked with a coach to learn about delivery the news with an authoritative tone.

Again, because of my background in acting and performing, it was cool — I was a doctor, playing a doctor on TV. Pretty soon I was given my own radio show on Sirius satellite radio, then I got on the Oprah Winfrey Show, hosted a show on the Travel Channel, and I started working with other talent who had proposed their own ideas.

We heard hundreds of pitches each year, and I began working with other doctors and experts to build up their persona brands, too.

Having that job allowed me to build my own wellness center and spa. I did the news in the morning, saw clients in the afternoon. Traveled the US speaking at conferences.

A brand can be defined as the image people have of you, your company or product. A personal brand is who and what people think you are and what you represent to them in their mind. It’s your reputation.

A personal brand is the outward manifestation of your inner brilliance.

Your personal brand represents your promise, the expectations, the experience, and the emotions a client will have as a result of working with you or your product.

Naturally being on TV every day for several years straight I started to get recognized on the street. But it wasn’t flattering, it was mortifying. I realized they were looking at me as ‘that’ boring doctor, that buttoned-up, prude, know-it-all.

And I became miserable. I felt trapped because my business was tied to that image. People who came to my wellness center wanted HER, not the other brilliant doctors, therapists and healers I hired.

They wanted her. But she, wasn’t me. Eventually, one of us was going to end up dead.

This is where authenticity and integrity come in. Integrity is about truth, wholeness and alignment. I was not living my authentic self, I was not expressing my true passion, and I was not free to be me.

The vision of what it would be like to work at Discovery, full of creative expression and fun, wasn’t matching up with the reality of the situation.

I allowed myself to be molded into an image, a persona, a brand, that was not aligned with who I really am.

Just like you, I felt that I had a message, a dream inside of me yearning to get out. I believed I had ideas that could change the way people saw health and vitality. But I did not feel that I was truly living up to my potential. And the lifestyle — it was more like a prison sentence.

I knew I was unhappy, but I also felt trapped. By that time I had 15 employees — people with children, mortgages — who were dependent on ME.

Pretty soon the feeling turned into frustration and regret. I started seeing other people on TV doing what I really wanted.

I was on a hamster wheel. I felt like a slave to the image.

I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Within a year, my wellness center was attracting people from all over America, and I got referrals from prestigious hospitals and medical centers who referred their really tough cases to us.

I noticed a trend, many of the people with addiction, eating disorders, chronic depression and even the vague conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome – many of them were like me, they were living out of alignment with their heart and soul’s desire.

You see, I have an ability to ‘see’ the cause of illness, and I get visions or ‘downloads’ as I call them with the potential solutions to problems…or media projects

If you’re empathic or psychics you know what I mean. Your ‘knowing’ may come in different forms though.

So my empathic, psychic abilities were heightened by my training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, allowed me to diagnose people who’s conditions didn’t have physical organic causes – they were soul mis-alignment problems.

The same vibe, energy and motivation that you and I feel to get our ideas out there, to bring our message or service out into the world, they had those feelings too. But they didn’t express it, they suppressed it, and that energy created turmoil, pain and dis-ease.

Trying to ease their pain I saw clients who would self-medicate with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, prescription medication or shopping, gambling.

Sitting down with them, confidentially as we doctors do, I shared what I saw. And nearly every time I was met with nods of recognition. They knew they weren’t living their purpose, but they felt helpless to do anything about it.

Has anyone here felt that way? Where you knew you weren’t living your true purpose and it made you physically ill, depressed or a little crazy?

Well that’s how I felt. I was hiding it thought. I was depressed, anxious and I felt like a fraud. I was on TV, telling people to live with passion and purpose, but I wasn’t doing it myself. I was on a downward spiral…

So I went searching for answers. I read books about the mind-body connection, I studied positive psychology with Dr Martin Seligman and got mentored by Deepak Chopra.

It was while traveling with Deepak and Marianne Williamson to Peurto Rico I heard Marianne say, “If you feel like you’re wasting your life’s potential, you are!”

I wanted to know why it was so obvious what caused our problems and why it was so hard to do anything about it.

It turns out, old habits, die hard.

In my first TEDx I talk about how we all get programmed. I explained how as children we are approval seeking, wanting validation and acceptance through external means. We let go of our original, natural inclination to express ourselves and instead we act like sheep to fit in and be accepted.

Constant comparison leads to conformity which kills creativity. We suppress and deny originality and become copycats.

Because we try to fit into the molds, social norms or expected roles, we never feel safe. We don’t feel like we are good enough.

Has anyone ever had that feeling? That no matter how much you achieve, you’re still never good enough?

It’s because we are measuring ourselves to things outside of us, instead of following our own instincts and intuition to express who we really are. Instead of unconditional self-acceptance, when you look to the outside world for validation, you set yourself on a never-ending search for approval.

This is what leads to Imposter Syndrome where you have this terrible fear that someone is going to discover that you’re a fraud. You don’t really know what you’re talking about. That you’re not qualified or worthy of the position.

The dreaded Imposter Syndrome

Well in 2005 I hit rock bottom. In an act of desperation, at an all time low of depression, I asked God to take my life. I couldn’t go on living like that. Life just didn’t seem worth it – something had to change.

I learned this first hand during an out of body, near death-like experience, a spiritual awakening, that set me free. That is when the old Dr Andrea died, and I was re-born, and re-branded as the authentic me you see here today.

You’ll be happy to know the the cure for Imposter Syndrome, for that pervasive ‘soul-ache’ you feel when you’re not living up to your potential is about returning to your core and living as your authentic self.

I’ll give it to you in the way I taught the Business students at the University of Monaco… In my Applied Positive Psychology Course : Be Who You Are I teach how research suggests we can live in alignment with our core values, strengths and natural abilities.

When you align your work, play and relationships with your natural strengths, you THRIVE.

This is the foundation for my PRESTIGE Personal Branding system — an approach based on authenticity, being yourself – open and vulnerable – without trying to be anything you’re not.

And when we do this, we experience authentic happiness, we can thrive, and we unleash creativity and innovation. AND, most important to us here today, this is the basis from which you can step into your greatness.

In my mentoring programs, workshops and books I present a blueprint for building your life, expressing yourself with confidence and peace of mind based on your authentic self.

In my company, Make Your Mark Global, our mission is to empower a new generation of soul-conscious entrepreneurs, lightworkers, healers and coaches to share their brilliance with the world through personal branding, publishing, leveraging the media to broadcast your message around the world.

It’s all about giving you permission and a bit of coaching to help you break free and be seen as the glorious gift to the world that you truly are!

Personal branding is NOT about bragging for the sake of ego aggrandizement. That is, it is not done just to puff yourself up. This is about you bringing your heart and soul into your work, and setting your soul’s energy free to impact lives

Has this been helpful? You have clarity, insight, understanding?

Feel inspired?

big bold vision and taking action.

WHO AM I TO BE SO BOLD? — Marianne Williamson

‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


The time is now — We want a personal experience — the old paradigm is crumbling — a new generation is awakening

This is your opportunity to BE SEEN.


Sometimes our vision is so big, so enormous, so magnificent that we get scared, we fear not being able to get it done, not being able to do it well, we fear success and we fear failure.

Having a big vision is something that scares you, something that takes you out of your comfort zone, is what’s needed for your growth, and your evolution and ultimately your fulfillment.

Don’t shy away from it, and don’t expect to know how you will implement it. Just accept it, and allow the universe to bring you the right people, the right opportunities, and the right preparation to get you there.

The vision I had of Bea was big and scary, scary for me to deliver because I didn’t know where it was coming from, or how it would be received.

Scary for her, because it meant no longer playing small, it meant admitting that what was inside of her was actually real, because it was shared by someone else.

So, don’t be afraid of your vision, don’t be scared,

write it down, meditate on it, visualize it,

imagine yourself there, in that state, in the position of you when that goal has already come into reality.

Just let it marinate, percolate, feel the energy and the vibration of the end result, or the completed action, just for the sake of feeling it, not for the sake of saying “ok, I’m committing to it, and now I know exactly what I’m going to do to get there”.

Just allow yourself to feel the energy of what it would be like if that vision were a reality and see if you’re willing to say yes on an internal level, on a cellular level

You need to at least feel it deeply, in the words of Gregg Braden “the feeling is the prayer”

don’t get stuck on the how, and don’t judge that vision against where you are now in terms of your capabilities, in terms of the people that are around you, the people who are close to you now, they may not be at the same energy level as you in that future vision, which means, they may either get pushed over to the sideline, or they might leave your life altogether. So, don’t compare where you are now or your circumstances, or the people, or your bank account, or your knowledge, you don’t have to know how, right now.

But if you could allow yourself to feel what it would be like as you imagine that vision, being your reality, I just might be sharing your success story here at the next event.

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