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With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us the focus turns to all things lovey-dovey. To help you connect to your own right for pleasure and deep intimacy — including with yourself! — I’m happy to share that my friends and partners, Devi & Marthe, of Authentic Tantra are offering you a special sneak peek & big discount on a deeply transformational online program. ❤️

(You may remember Devi from our in-depth interview about the healing power of Authentic Tantra from the Erotic Love Summit — you can see the interview here.)

The Female Orgasm Intensive is a complete Tantra Training Program for sexual healing, previously only available via one-on-one coaching.

This program focuses on sexual pleasure, but the goal is to enrich and enhance your experience of pleasure in every area of your life.

As I’ve discussed in the Erotic Love Summit and in The Orgasm Prescription for Women, the pleasure you allow yourself to experience inside the bedroom, directly correlates to the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to experience outside of the bedroom, and vice versa!

After all of my research and training as a physician, acupuncturist and sex educator, I can honestly say this is the most comprehensive and authentic Tantra Training Program available online.

This 6 week Training offers you accessible, practical and effective tools for:

* Using pleasure as medicine to heal trauma and restore sensation.

* Awakening over 11 different kinds of orgasmic pleasure

* Breaking through blocks & limitations to experience greater bliss & joy In all areas of your life

* Using ancient tantric practices to heal and transform body, mind, spirit & sex

* Creating more fulfilling intimate relationships- with your self and everyone around you!

* Overcoming sexual shame and guilt to feel more liberated and self expressed

You can also get a peek inside the full 6 week program here!

If you love what you see, head on over to our check out page (add link to check out page) and take advantage of our special VDAY POWER offer. Just enter the coupon code and it will automatically deduct $100 from your total 🙂

Sign up right now for a $100 discount with Coupon VDAY POWER!

All my best to you for a Valentine’s day of Orgasmic Bliss,

Dr. Andrea

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