How creativity can lead to healing and improved resilience

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What’s your favorite way to be creative?

If you saw my last TEDx, then you already know how important music has been to me. Back in the early days of my medical career, when the 100+ hour working weeks were burning me out, it was the simple act of making a little window of time each week to play piano that kept me afloat.

You may already know that the wonderful Bruce Cryer (Founder of Renaissance Human and former CEO of HeartMath) is one of the co-authors of my next group book, The Top Ten Traits of Resilient People, as well as a guest speaker and performer at GLÆ.

Well, back by popular demand, I invited Bruce to join me on Facebook live again. Bruce has so much wisdom to share, and this time he joined me to talk about how creativity can lead to healing and improved wellbeing.

If you take a holistic view of health, just as I do, then you already know how your happiness influences you physically as well as mentally.

We are born to do so much more than just work and pay bills! We all need our creative outlets too.

Watch the video above to see the replay of my conversation with Bruce – or the video below to see my most recent TEDx talk, where I talk about music saving my life.

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