Connecting to Joy Through Pain: Interview with Halina Goldstein

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The feelings of deep sadness, loneliness and utter despair are not foreign to me. I have personally felt the intense longing for a beloved, someone who would ‘complete’ me, accept me for all of who I am…and I have searched for that one true love or next big accomplishment that would finally and totally make me feel happy & fulfilled.

But you know the deal.  Despite our best efforts we hear from musicians, celebrities and spiritual masters that no success, no one, and no thing outside of you will ever lead to lasting peace, happiness or contentment.

In the book Magic & Miracles, some of our authors have discovered that in the midst of their darkest hour, while crying out to the universe for deliverance they somehow, spontaneously cracked wide open! Being suddenly, instantly connected to an incredible feeling of oneness, love, peace and joy where nothing in the outside world had changed. Truly miraculous.

The story of Halina Goldstein is one such story. In the book you’ll read how her experience of loneliness and darkness ended in a moment of bright joy, and all encompassing love!

The realization that joy, peace, love, acceptance are all available at every moment, not through searching or striving, but by opening, surrendering, seeing and feeling in new ways will open your eyes to what life has in store for you beyond your wildest imagination.

Watch my interview with Halina below.

Get free gifts with your purchase of Magic and Miracles here.

To learn more about Halina’s philosophy, and learn a simple yet powerful joy practice, download the Finding Joy Every Day” e-book here.

Halina has also founded the Joy Keepers Network, a movement dedicated to bringing more joy to the world. While the network is open to the great variety of spiritual approaches available today, members recognize joy and oneness as powerful, fundamental states available to every human being.
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