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I have a couple of spots open still for each of our two upcoming books! 📚

One book is about magic, miracles & manifesting The 2nd is about overcoming trauma for our Life Re-Written series, designed to remind the reader that they are the hero of their own life story.

If either of those speak to you, then click the links to learn more:

Magic, Miracles and Manifesting

Life Re-Written, Life After Trauma

Authors from both of these books will be joining me in the South of France in a couple of weeks time for my Stories With Soul Life Writing weekend. But there are a few spots still open to other authors (and aspiring authors) too.

You don’t need to be a published author to benefit from this weekend of training. You just need a story inside you that’s ready to come, and to be coachable so I can help you bring your story out and onto paper.

If you like the sound of the Stories With Soul weekend, then click here to see more.

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