Chinese Energetics in Love, Sex & Relationships with Nick Haines

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Do you know which energies influence you most?  Understanding which of the Chinese Elements are most present in your personality can give you insights into what you need and what you enjoy in a relationship.  This will also help you to understand what turns you off and stops you from reaching orgasmic bliss.

Today’s guest, the wonderful Nick Haines, is the go-to expert in this field.  He says that we need to learn to ‘be okay’ with whatever our dominant energies are.  Being okay as you are is so empowering.

Are you curious?  Watch our interview here to learn more from Nick himself.  And see below for how to take his free online test to find out which of the Chinese energies are dominant for you.


Nick Haines is the co-founder of the Five Institute and creator of The Vitality Test. This free online questionnaire helps you discover which of the 5 elements of Chinese medicine influence you the most. Nick’s expertise spans over 3 decades and his insight and wisdom are proven to transform lives. In this interview you will learn how the elements play with each other – or not!

Find out if you’re a Wood, Water, Earth, Fire or Water type…and how they affect your sex life. From libido boosting to erectile dysfunction, the way we accept and flow with energy can make all the difference.

After watching the video be sure to visit to take the free questionnaire and uncover your own brilliance.
This post was first published on Sensual Vitality – visit for more from Dr. Andrea Pennington.

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