Can technology enhance intimacy? | Kate Moyle Pillow Play Interview (Video)

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In this interview with Kate Moyle, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist, we discuss the impact of being hyperconnected to technology has on our sex lives. We explore how the Pillow Play app, the 30 day intimacy programme for couples, can be useful.

Research today reveals how millennials are having a hard time relating and connecting to their peers due to the over-reliance on technology. By staring into the computer, looking at 2-D images we miss some of the cues and nueronal linking that happens in ‘real life’.


Technology is here to stay

It’s not realistic to think that we will ban our smartphones, laptops or other connected devices. But we can learn how to tune in and turn on with our partners with the aid of technology.

How does the Pillow Play App work?
Offer each other loving, focused and undivided attention.

  1. Choose not to have sexual intercourse for 30 days (recommended for the anticipation and desire you will build…)
  2. Give your partner 10-20 minutes of loving-focused time and attention each day for the next 30 days.
  3. Simply press play and follow-along to each exercise. No planning or preparation needed.

By engaging in a 30-day programme you can build new habits, bond on a deeper level and make your partner a priority for longterm harmony.

And yes, you’ll likely have better sex, too!

Taking the time to look into eachother’s eyes, and connecting on a deeper level can rekindle romance & intimacy

Kate Moyle, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

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