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In our second season of Liberate Your Authentic Self, I have guests joining me to talk about #RealSelfLove, awakening, health, optimal living and walking their own path, from all over the globe.

Welcome to Season 2!

There is more than one way to learn, and more than one way to spread those important lessons that really matter.

But had you ever considered comedy as a way to talk about awakening?

Mia Lux is an amazingly authentic woman after my own heart. A multi-potentialite at heart; a teacher, a former lawyer, a comedian and now the host of The Conscious-Ish Show, Mia is showing up everywhere.

Lately she is using her platform as a comedian to open minds and hearts to the process of awakening. Comedy is certainly a good way to disarm people and talk openly – so I’m really excited to see just how many minds and hearts Mia can touch with her approach.

The Conscious-Ish Show has just launched this month here, and you can already watch episode 1, The Depressi-demic with Marissa Peer! There is an amazing line up to come, including Mia’s husband, the wonderful Dr. Mark Hyman, who you may know from The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast (among many other things) where I was lucky enough to be invited recently.

Well, I’m delighted to share that I’m coming up soon on Mia’s show too, and my episode will be out very shortly – watch this space!

In the meantime, Mia is my first guest for Season 2 of Liberate Your Authentic Self. Of course, we are talking about comedy and awakening! I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so head over to YouTube to watch the episode, and do leave any questions or thoughts you have about it in the comments.

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