Calming Stress and Working With Opposing Forces

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We all notice when the world around us impacts our day; from a delayed train to a surprise expense, we are sensitive to those small everyday things. And of course, there is the positive side of this too! From noticing the birds singing to receiving a random act of kindness, these things can really brighten our mood and change the tone of our experience.

But how about looking at this big picture of cause and effect from the other angle…

Have you ever considered how your thoughts, emotions and action impact and change the world around you?

Do you realize the power and potential you have to manifest a change in your day, your week, or even the course of your life?

We all have so much potential at our fingertips. In order to use it, we need to start by being aware. This is why conversations like the one I had with Gazit Chaya Nkosi are so important.

Gazit Chaya Nkosi founded the Luria Center, a place for individuals who desire to move out of desperation and into a life of fulfillment and unconditional joy. The coaching model used at the Luria Center is focussed on the teachings of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, and functional psychology, along with ancient sacred texts and spiritual practices.

Dialectics are opposing forces. You can find peace when, instead of fighting the way things are, you find balance in opposing forces.

There are many examples of opposing forces that you encounter each day; such as love and hate, and anxiety and confidence.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, the more you try to make your case for something, the less you are heard? Something powerful learned through Dialetics is the importance of balancing speaking with listening, in order to be truly heard.

Gazit Chaya is also a Co-Author of my book, Life After Trauma. So we got together to talk about working through trauma and calming stress with DBT, and how caring for our own mental health empowers us to truly be global citizens to help the world heal.

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