You are being called to STEP UP & LEAD!

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It’s time for us to STEP UP & BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world! 💪🏽
Despite the sadness and anger we feel with current political and social unrest, we can dig deep and connect with positive people around the world to create & spread MORE POSITIVITY in the world. 🌎

It starts with us! YOU DO MATTER! And you can make a difference!

As a healer, coach, Lightworker or change-maker you have likely felt the pull, call or nudge to step up and speak out. You are being called to become the LEADER our planet needs to bring about healing, restoration, and peace to life everywhere.

After Chris Cornell’s alleged suicide, the terror attack in Manchester, UK and the everyday stress/depression, many of us are feeling torn. How do we combat the negativity presented daily in the media?

We must rise up and BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world! And yes, we can do some of that in silence, in meditation. Sending out prayers and wishes that others not suffer — the so called, Compassion Meditation (Metta Meditation) can be powerful.

Mentioned in this video:

Free Compassion Meditation Series


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This summer Dr Andrea Pennington will take 10 dedicated change-makers from the very beginning of branding themselves, to showcasing their new brand and sharing their message with a global audience.

How? The showcase opportunity includes co-hosting spots on US talk radio, a global podcast and video series, contributing to a book, promotion galore and more!

If you have a mission or message to share with the world, and are ready to get to work this summer, then you could be one of the 10 emerging luminaries taking this journey with me in 2017!

Reaching a global audience takes a lot of legwork – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Think of this program as the Uber X of personal branding! We will take you door-to-door via each important stage of branding yourself. And our last stop on the journey is broadcasting you to my global audience.

If this sounds right for you, then join me for a LIVE Q&A information session to learn more about the program. If you cannot join live, you can watch the replay or schedule a personal discovery session with Dr. Andrea.

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