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While traveling this week I responded to a distress signal from a client who was feeling the burn after losing her cool during a heated discussion with a work colleague. She found herself regressing to a type of language and explosive hostility that she hadn’t seen since her less enlightened college days. 

She wondered how her mind had lost control and why it was so easy for the ‘old girl’ she used to be, who was not compassionate nor kind, could just erupt into a name-calling, mud-slinging meanie. 

I’ve seen it in my own life. It’s amazing how our old patterns of relating and behaving are still stored in our brain’s memory. For the most part, it’s good to have a brain that remembers how to keep life moving along when our mental focus is put on other tasks which are important or anxiety provoking.

What is not so helpful, however, is when the stress of life lasts for such a long, extended period of time and we lose our elevated, spiritually evolved manners.

The conversation sparked a desire in me to share a message with you, so I recorded it while in the car. Sadly the audio quality is not my usual best, so I ask for your forgiveness. But I felt that the concept was worth sharing right away, before I got into an old perfectionistic editing pattern that my brain loves to revert to! 🤓Enjoy the mini-rant.

Music in this episode by and Blue Wednesday

Image Credits: In Her Image Photography & ArtBiro Network

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