Be more flexible to be more resilient

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When you think about it, nothing in our lives is constant. Time keeps moving forward and the weather can change from one extreme to another. ☀️⛈

Just like nature, our minds aren’t meant to be constant. We’re designed to adapt but we tend to resist changes or see them as failures. This kind of fixed mindset makes us fight reality. 🥷🏼

Being adaptable and flexible help you to weather the storms of life and return intact. Rather than holding on tight to YOUR way, being resilient requires that we open up to the possibility that there is another way to get to our destination.

If you fight reality, you end up suffering.

You can learn more about the Top 10 Traits of Highly Resilient People in the book and the In8Vitality blog.
And coming soon you can take our Resilience Quiz to find out how you rank in the 10 traits and how to build your resilience skills.

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