Animal Communication and the Law of Attraction: Interview with Charlotte Banff

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Charlotte Banff has the gift of being able to not only hear animals thoughts, she can also feel their pain and heal their trauma by reconnecting them with their oversoul.

It’s a mystical power she has had since childhood, and her ability to teach others is inspiring!

Pets have an amazing power to reduce our stress. How often these days do you see dogs accompanying their owners to the office? They might tell you it’s so the dog isn’t lonely at home – but I bet the owner feels the benefit of their dog’s presence in the work environment.

Animals give us so much. What if we could return the favor?

As a Co-Author of my new book, Magic and Miracles, Charlotte tells her story of manifesting the perfect farm for her animals to live with her and her husband, all under one roof – while also running training courses on-site to teach others how to communicate with animals.

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Charlotte Banff is a Lightworker for The Animals. Her vision is to share the spiritual voice of The Animals, globally. Charlotte lives with her husband (and a lot of animals), on their farm in Denmark. They host a variety of spiritual activities on the farm, combining the connection to nature and animals in mindfulness retreats and events.

As an Animal Coaching Mentor, Charlotte guides people in spiritual growth, through Healing and Consciousness work with animals. She has founded Animalhealer Academy, an online program on interconnectedness between humans and animals, that broadens the knowledge of Animal Healing and Animal Communication.

Charlotte is an ambassador for two of the largest rescue centers for animals in Denmark. Her upcoming book ’The Animals Know’ addresses an alternative perspective on Animal Consciousness from a spiritual level and will broaden the knowledge of how to use and benefit from healing work for releasing trauma within Rescue Animals.

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